OSV reuse better than scrapping?

The DIAMOND passing through Kiel Canal heading for Kiel Photo: Frank Behling ©

Seven Solstad vessels goes for Green Scrapping in Norway:

what does green recycling mean?

Or you want the “official” explanation?:

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so they wear PPE and promise not to throw anything back in the sea
Follow the law that has always been there.
Hazadous materials are disposed of, whatever that means
But the shareholders love that word green


Florida Express ex Calvin Bayne departing Port Everglades.

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Not in the same class as the above, neither in age nor in hope for future glory.

Today the AHTS Far Sovereign, blt. 1999 left her layup position after 5 years and headed to Green Yard Kleven for recycling.
For her short final voyage (5 hrs.) she had the indignity of being towed by the tug BB Worker:

Last voyage: The former Farstad boat “Far Sovereign” on its last voyage on Friday. Here the anchor handling ship is towed out along the Hessafjord

PS> She was one of seven Solstad vessels sold for recycling, as announced in Oct. this year:

Seen here when in layup (2016):

AHTS vessels in layup in 2016. Far Searcher (behind left), Far Serenade, Far Service (hidden), Far Server (hidden), Far Statesman (front left), Far Sigma and Far Sovereign. (w/helideck)
Illustration photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg / NTB scanpix / NPK
Still in layup July,2020:

In her glory days:

The anchor handling vessel Far Sovereign once belonged to the world’s largest offshore shipping company, Farstad, before it became part of Solstad Offshore in 2017 in the wake of the 2014 oil price fall. The ship was built in 1999.
(Photo: Solstad Offshore)

One more ship is leaving long term layup here in Ålesund:

Last trip:Volstad Maritime’s “Geco Bluefin” and the tugboat “Boa Odin” are getting ready for towing at Hessa in Ålesund on Thursday. The last trip for the seismic vessel goes to Fosen.

From smp.no today:
This has been a long and faithful servant since the early 80’s, and now it was time for recycling, says Eirik Syversen, who is CFO of Volstad Maritime.
On Thursday, towline was put on board the “Geco Bluefin”, and the boat is now being towed to Fosen recycling yard for scrapping, or more correctly; recycling.

“Geco Bluefin” was originally delivered as a fishing boat in 1980. Syversen states that Volstad Maritime took over the boat in 1999, after it was converted to a seismic vessel. It then went straight to work for Geco (later WesternGeco).
It worked there for the same customer until 2016 and has since been in layup, Syversen states.

Here is an FSV that has found a new occupation; space junk catcher:


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OSV’s and PSV’s still have the size to get turned into something else or be repurposed.
However, the offshore oil and gas crew boat/ SPS vessel market seems to be in absolute depression especially in the Indian subcontinent where new vessels are asked to match prices with 35 year old vessels.
What are some of the other specialized jobs that such new crew boats can be used for?

Arctic Pearl,(ex Ocean Duke, ex Island Duke)

She will be repurposed for harvest and processing Iceland Scallop. They will be using a new method: for harvesting.
From smp.no today:
The Ålesund company Tau Tech will rebuild the offshore vessel “Ocean Duke” into a vessel that can harvest scallops.
The conversion will be done by Fiskerstrand shipyard. The company plans to take delivery of the ship from the shipyard in August 2022, and the “Arctic Pearl” will then be the first vessel in the world to use a new harvesting method for shells.

All catching of scallops in Norway was stopped in 1992. The method at that time was shell scraping. The seabed was damaged and the stocks were quickly overfished. Shell scraping has been banned in Norway for the past 30 years.

Tvedt pointed out that with the advanced operations performed on the seabed in Norway today, especially within the offshore industry, it should be possible to develop a method for taking up the resource in a more gentle way.
Tau Tech will use suction power to get the shells up.
As it appears from the award, it is all about precision fishing. According to nett.no they will also use cameras and lights.
The camera technology is being developed in collaboration with Sintef Ålesund and Scantrol Deep Vision in Bergen. The plan is to start experimental fishing in the autumn of 2022.

Iceland Scallops (Chlamys islandica)

A type of scallop. Unlike most other shells, scallops are capable of swimming.

More “traditional” conversion; PSV to W2W vessel:

From oil and gas to offshore wind:«Farland», here at Skansekaia in Ålesund.

One more of the same design is undergoing conversion to W2W vessel:

The HERMIT VIKING in drydock at Royal Niestern Sander Offshore for conversion into walk-to-work’ vessel to be named KOENIGSBORG
Photo: Joop Bartels ©

Not OSVs but sensible reuse of otherwise redundant race chase boats from last year’s Americas Cup held in Auckland:

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This PSV has been in layup in Ålesund for 6 1/2 years:

“World Pearl” left today. Now under tow to Greenock, UK. Future use is unknown:

The Tug ISA enroute from Ålesund-Greenock with the WORLD PEARL
Some beautiful scenery with beautiful weather!
Photo: Capt Willem-Harm Mastenbroek Captain/ Owner Tugboat ISA (c)

I’m waiting for the day when some enterprising entrepreneur decides to take one of those 100m OSV’s, encloses the main deck and puts in a bunch of stripper poles, stages, and velour chairs. DP3 strip club anyone???

Sounds like a good idea, but probably have to operate as “Cruise to Nowhere” and be at least 12 n.miles offshore before the fun begins.

PS> Does that mean the officers have to hold STCW II/2 Licenses and everybody else meet STCW requirements, Strippers included?

PPS> And if operating out of a US port the vessel has to be JA compliant (or whatever it is called when applied to Cruise vessels)?

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The ISA arrived in Greenock over the weekend from Norway with the WORLD PEARL in tow.
Photo: Tommy Bryceland. SCOTLAND.(c)

The Bolivia registered cargo vessel PROMISE KEPT seen berthed in Antigua. Photo : David A.Bowley.(c)

Photographer: Lyndon Henry [ View profile ]
Captured: Jun 5, 2020
Location: Castries, St Lucia

IMO: 8077443 / Blt. BAYOU LA BATRE AL 1978