OH DEAR...what ever caused these two to fall overboard together?

Hmmmm? Maybe they had a few too many and went skinny dippin but forgot they left the boat running and in gear? The report doesn’t say anything about what they were wearing when they were found!


or maybe they’re just STOOPID?

Crash captain left helm for ‘drunken 3-way sex romp’

This one is mo betta:


I dare say that this story is a contender…no question.

Craig Gallo, 51, sporting a massive bandage on his forehead and wearing baggy red hospital scrubs, whined when he learned in Queens Criminal Court that both his boating and motor vehicle licenses would be revoked for allegedly operating his fishing vessel while drunk.

“The officer told me it was just going to be my boat license,” he sniffed in court.

“No — both,” Judge Gia Morris sternly replied.

especially when you find the perp wasn’t doin it with two girls but another guy and a girl! I wouldn’t even be surprised if the girl happened to look like a guy as well!

I swear I’ve run across that guy in Dulac before…

The other “girl” was 60 and may be the one on the left in the photo. :cool:

Hey, whatever floats your boat…or in this case, rams it at speed into the landing signal pier at La Guardia Airport…