Offshore Speciality Fabricators

Anyone ever hear about this company? I see postings for them all the time.

Hey there CaptChris Yeah I see them all the time on my Job alerts I have never worked for them But like I said I see them all the time.And I have applied with them too but have not talked to any one there so who does know

Yeah I’ve dropped 2 about about to drop the 3rd app to them. I tried calling but they send me to a general employment line. Trying to get offshore is alot tougher than people thing. I’ve even tried as an OS and nothing.

Yeah I Roger that hell It seems these days an O/S Is about Obsolete I know its hard to get on at Foss or Crowley as an O/S

Yeah Ive been noticing. haha

So What Coast are you on. I have a list w/about 75 or so companys on that I talk with on a regular baisis

I applied with them a few times and made tons of followup calls. Even dropped off an app and resume in person once. It seems they advertise jobs just for the sake of doing it more than they are interested in hiring anybody. They dont have a lot of boats… 1 osv, a couple of utility boats and a few tugs from what I understand.

You have not gotten ahold of the right head hunter yet. I was in the same situation. put in tons of apps made tons of phone calls.

called a headhunter. says i got a job for ya. I said yeah?

He said offshore spec. fab. $500/day utility boat captain.

I said i got my paperwork into them for like 6 months now.

He said do you want the fuc… job or not?

I said in this case no thanks.

500 dollars for a utility boat catain,I call BS

yeah me too. I havent been in this part of the industry before but even I know thats not right

Well what you two don’t know probably could fill caverns.

I got a 500/day utility boat job with Bisso through that same headhunter a few months later and he only charged me 4 days.

Yeah, that’s right $500 smackers a day to run a 110’ x 28’ utility boat runnin pipe and supplies to a pipelay barge.

They figured for $500/day they would get the best money could buy. And if you were not what they expected out of you it was a very uncerimonious ambush crew change waitin for ya.

I don’t care if you believe it or not. But i am pretty sure that is the way things are run at OSF. And to top it off they were paying this goin on 4 plus years ago.

You damn well be able to hold that boat steady while they are making those crucial lifts or you are done for.

That is why they pay me the big bucks as they say.

“I know thats not right”

How do you mean it? That IS low wages for an operator now a days.

But probably around average for a non union GOM company with a less than stellar reputation.

Are you trying to cross over form one industry to another (towing to OSV, or Oil patch?) That makes a difference. They want proven performers, who have a good track record doing what they do for work.

Well unless you got an insider working for you one would be hard pressed to find a job paying 500 plus a day right now unless you are a DPO. Non union gom company? i can’t really think of too many “union” companies in the gulf. Union is taboo in the gulf. Yes there are a few exceptions but the union operators in the gulf are either deep water or based on the east or west coast. I can only think of a couple union companies based in gom states and those are probably not their main office headquarters but just satellite offices.