Offshore Safety and Emergency Training Courses

IDESS Maritime is currently offering these new courses:

Passage planning techniques (under navigation)
Ship-to-ship maneuvering (open water) (under navigation)
Working at heights (under HSES)
Travel safely by boat (under emergency response – OPITO)

[B]Passage planning techniques[/B]

This course aims to provide knowledge and guidance on voyage and passage planning to Masters and navigating officers who are required to plan and conduct a passage as required by SOLAS Chapter V, Regulation 34, and meeting the minimum standards of competence for navigation as defined in A-VIII/2, Part 2 (voyage planning) of the STCW Code.

The course takes into account the guidelines and recommendations contained in IMO Resolution A893(21) and other recognised industry publications to enable ship personnel to produce comprehensive plans acceptable to port state and vetting inspectors, demonstrating that a vessel is being safely navigated.

The course is designated for shipboard personnel who are responsible for navigation and passage

Duration: two days (16.0hr)
Course fee: US$300

Travel safely by boat

This course aims to provide basic understanding and awareness of safety and emergency response associated with travelling to an offshore installation by boat for the purpose of transfer.

It is designed to meet the initial onshore safety and emergency response training and assessment requirements for new entrants and all personnel currently travelling and transferring by boat to an offshore oil and gas installation in a warm water tropical environment.

Duration: 1.5hr
Course fee: US$150

Working at heights

This course aims to provide knowledge, guidance and skills in order to work safely at height. It is open to those personnel who are 18 years of age and older, and medically fit for physical training.

Duration: one day (8hr)
Course fee: US$150

Ship-to-ship maneuvering (open water)

This course provides practical training and guidance for Masters and officers who will be involved in ship maneuvering during ship-to-ship transfer operations onboard oil tankers in open water. It is a simulator-based ship-handling course based on the recommendations and advice contained in the ICS / OCIMF publication ‘Ship to Ship Transfer Guide, Petroleum’, fourth edition (2005).

The practical ship-handling exercises take place in a 360° full mission bridge simulator. Underway mooring exercises will be performed by candidates and then fully debriefed in the classroom afterwards. The candidates will follow standard operating procedures and make use of checklists. Candidates will moor under various weather / sea state conditions and experience emergency situations. It does not include cargo operations, but will discuss the ship-handling procedures to follow in the event of changing weather or emergency situations arising during the oil transfer phase of the STS operations.

The course is designated for Masters and officers who will be involved in ship handling during ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operations onboard oil tankers.

Duration: three days (24.0hr)
Course fee: US$1,000

A certificate of successful completion shall be issued to those participants who successfully complete the course and meet the assessment criteria.

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