Oceanwide Experiences?

Have people had a good experience with Oceanwide?

Do they mainly place people with unlimited licenses? How about Master 1600 Ocean w/o DP?

What are some of the other good placement or temporary agencies for mariners that do not charge any fee to the mariner?

You have C mar group and Alliance. I can’t tell you anything about them.

I am presently working for C-Mar. I also work with Oceanwide. I worked for Alliance about a year ago. All were fine to work for as far as getting you work, to/from the vessel, pay you on time, etc. As far as I know Alliance is working with Global/Technip only, they crew the G1200 pipelayer and probably Globals (Technips) other vessels now (Global Orion, etc). I think Alliance is looking for permanent crew only but I’m not totally sure on that. There is also Core Group and Complete Logistical Services that are fairly new startups. Core Group is looking to fill permanent spots. You could also check Faststream and Swift Worldwide Resources for permanent jobs. None of these places will charge you. I know C-Mar, Oceanwide and Complete all look for 1600 for sure since I’ve recently heard from them on that. Not sure if the others do too but can;t hurt to check in with them.