Norwegian Navy


A Russian trawler alongside a wharf in Norway for afloat repairs got damaged and sank during a severe storm in 2011:

After lots of legal wrangling the owner of the wharf eventually decided to arrange for the removal of the wrack himself, but the first two attempts failed due to lack of power.

Last night the operation succeeded. Island Offshore made two of their V-Class AHTS available to turn the wreck and move it into deeper waters in the nearby fjord. With 2 x 22000 Bhp available they had no power problems.

Here is a report from the local TV broadcaster, incl. video of the brief appearance of part of the wreck above water:


Here is an underwater GoPro video when she was at the bottom of the wharf, prior to being hauled out.


Thanks for that find. The view inside the wheelhouse was spooky. Almost looke like there were still people operating her from there.

BTW; she is still on the bottom, only in much deeper water and away from the wharf.

PS> The wreck was emptied of Diesel and luboil in an expensive operation some time ago. That was paid for by the authorities.


The Norwegian Navy will get four new submarines soon:

Oh yes, along with 52 F-35s (The F-52 was cancelled when they found out they don’t exist)