Noob employment question

Howdy all,
I have recently acquired my 100 ton NC and my MMD, I have TWIC, passport & STCW-95. I get work here in Honduras on a 92’ lobster boat. I want to get work with a US company and have a 28/28 or 28/14 so I can come back every once in a wile and see the kids. I have family in Tampa and own a home there. Where should I start looking for work? Just drag my ass to the docks with all my Docs and resume? I guess I would need to start on deck as an OS as 100GT is too piddely to get work in a wheelhouse right?

Upgrade that license to as big as you can get. Start as an os or ab and work your way up and show you wana be in the wheelhouse. Send every application you can out and follow up on them all the time. Goodluck