No Discharge Zone discussion again in Puget Sound

Hello All, This is my first time using a forum so I hope it works…My reason for this is to alert anyone concerned about new NDZ’s (No Discharge Zones). The Washington State Department of Ecology, once again, plans to submit a draft petition to the EPA requesting Puget Sound be designated a NDZ. A meeting will be held tomorrow night, Feb 18, at 1900 hours at The Sustainable Living Center, 2nd floor above the Re-Store at 2309 Meridian Street, Bellingham, Washington. If you feel as strongly as I do about this, and you’re in the area, please go and voice your opinion about the negative effects it will have on commercial and private vessel owners with type I and type II Coast Guard Approved sewage treatment systems that would become illegal to use as designed. If the the PS ever becomes a NDZ, we may have to have pump out police adding dye to your tanks after pumping out at the pay stations. We’d have to pay millions to add new pump outs and hire pump out operators. I could go on about the downside to this but you can see the problems with locking up your heads in the Puget Sound. Thanks for reading and please speak up.

when all the damned waste treatment plants all over Puget Sound stop discharging their treated effluent into it then I would sign on otherwise this proposal is BULLSHIT! I will hold blackwater if not treated (although I am looking for a USCG approved MSD for the ORCA) but not discharging greywater is STOOPID!

Good point!! But we all know good facts don’t mean much when it comes the government.