How do we improve the sea work in Nigeria as a helpful world forum?

For the uninitiated among us could you identify, briefly, in a few words, what you see as the primary issues related to what you’re talking about?


I was a Crew and then supply boat Captain in Nigeria in 1982. (working for Gulf Oil ) I had no problems with a full Nigerian crew. I lived on my boat and not in some compound.

Most of the problems I witnessed others having with the locals were due to a lack of respect for the locals by the expats.
I’ve worked in many countries and for the most part people are the same. We all wish to make enough money to provide a decent life for our families. We all also wish to be treated with the respect that fellow human beings, should extend to one another.

I was recently contacted about going back as a Lift Boat Captain. I think I may do it.


That’s nice know about you work experience so will you want a helping hand? On the boat.

I still will want to know more about your work because I will like to improve my mind about sea work