NEO and beyond

I was cleared fit for duty back in the begining of March. I applied for an AB slot. I am still waiting for the NEO call. I call MSC every couple of weeks but can not get any info but to wait. What is the longest anyone has waited to go to NEO after being fit for duty? It has been about 3 months now for me. I just wish they could tell me where I am on the wait list, or give me a rough estimate.

[QUOTE=cali deckie;185422]I was referring to the GO/GOs. I want to go to sea for a few years make a bunch of money with my biggest expense being what i spend at the bar. Then if the GOM ever heats up go there or into tugs. All of Crowley is through the unions but I don’t personally trust them. Nothing against the guys working there but I don’t trust the upper management (read McKay Brothers)[/QUOTE]

Are you talking about Crowley’s upper management or AMO’s? I’m not affiliated with AMO but I’m pretty sure the McKay’s are no longer part of the leadership. I think they’re in jail. Crowley has major ties to the SIU and your trepedacious approach makes perfect sense where that is concerned. All unions have their pluses and minuses and your expenses will not always simply involve a bar tab. If you simply want to be a “gun for hire” so to speak, you’re probably going to have to tangle with a union at some point. As I stated earlier. Show up on time, ready to work, with a good attitude and you will always be welcome aboard. Wherever you go. Good luck

[QUOTE=SeaMonkey6969;185429]I was cleared fit for duty back in the begining of March. I applied for an AB slot. I am still waiting for the NEO call. I call MSC every couple of weeks but can not get any info but to wait. [B][U][I]What is the longest anyone has waited to go to NEO after being fit for duty?[/I][/U][/B] It has been about 3 months now for me. I just wish they could tell me where I am on the wait list, or give me a rough estimate.[/QUOTE]

Three days to Two years. Be patient Grasshopper. Don’t quit your job…if you have one (Death and taxes…).

And…one…two or more (depending on class size and circumstances)will be dropped during NEO.

Wow had now idea it could be that long! I have no choice to wait then. Glad I have an inland tug job even though it pays half of what I was making in the GOM. If it can be that long I will still keep applying for other jobs and take the interviews if I am lucky enough to get one working as a AB in blue water.

The SUP is always hiring a few good ABs. You can register, pay your dues, and
one day you get a call to see if you want the military training. I believe I was
in six months when that occurred as an OS. You can check the pay rates in the West
Coast Sailors for the pay on Patriot Contract Services. It is blue water. With
overtime it rivals the pay at APL I heard. Forgive me if this is off the subject.

Also I forgot the SUP is the fast track to Chevron for ABs who
want blue water. I seen many a retired Navy ship with a hand shake.

[QUOTE=CaliforniaOso;185448]Also I forgot the SUP is the fast track to Chevron for ABs who
want blue water. I seen many a retired Navy ship with a hand shake.[/QUOTE]

You can apply directly to Cheveron correct? I applied for the AB position a few time but never get anywhere. I think it is because they want people with a tankermans or at least an assistant tanker man. Sorry I went way off topic now.

Yes you can. Sometimes they state that unlicensed is shipped through the SUP (don’t know
about engineering). Don’t know about the tankermans endorsement either. I just know that
people who do not run off at the sound of a hair follicle test get shipped to Chevron out
of the hall. I was an OS at the time which they do not utilize. The best way to stay at home
and be dispatched from the telephone is San Francisco hall. Google David Connolly and call
him. Here is the basic SF number: SUP Headquarters
450 Harrison St.
San Francisco CA 94105
(415) 777-3400
(415) 777-5088 fax
(415) 777-3616 Dispatcher

Ok here is the dope: David Connolly does not respect the union rules. He is a control freak trying to build his
electoral cult by having guys loyal to him and he dispatches them by telephone after a perfunctory registration in
the SF hall. Guys all over the country who think it is great to get a phone call from him instead of the traditional
hang out the hall make the bulk of his support. JUst telling you how it is and why it is a viable solution to blue water
in a downturn. Don’t mention Gcaptain or the bear who wrote this. IT will come as no surprise to anyone but I am not popular with a corrupt union administration. I hope you can increase your options with my intrusion into this thread. I went to the MFOW now.

[QUOTE=cali deckie;185357]I starting at MSC in a few weeks most of the stuff for NEO on here is outdated the hotel they are sending us to is the Wyndham in Norfolk and the Sheraton in Eatontown is the hotel in New Jersey. The question I do have are… How long should i expect to be in New Jersey as a third mate? How long of a wait is it in the Pool? Can we still choose to wait in the pool in SD? I’ve seen some of you posting how many MSC has at each position, How many thirds do they currently have versus supposed to have(this used to be 110)? Feel free to post this info for all the positions[/QUOTE]

Cali Deckie, just as everyone else has stated, you should expect to be in Jersey, as a 3rd mate, for about 6 weeks, PLUS 2-3 weeks of additional training at Little Creek base. The additional training depends on the need for 3rds. I can tell you right now, there is no demand for 3rds right now so count on about 7-9 weeks (including the week of NEO) before you hit the pool. I just left Jersey a couple of weeks ago. Even though you have your certifications, MSC will still require you to retake their form of training. Of course, nobody ever believes this, and proceeds to pull out all their certs lol just to find out that MSC still wants you to take their training.

How long of a wait in the pool? I don’t want to discourage you, but there are some 3rds currently in the pool that have been waiting for months. (no exaggeration)

Can you wait in the SD pool? This is something you would discuss with your detailer after you finish training. NOTE: You’ll have to fly yourself (pay out of pocket, no reimbursement, etc) to SD over the weekend (Friday after you’re released for the day or anytime during the weekend). You’ll also want to contact the SD pool 24 hrs prior to assure they have a hotel reservation for you.

*The answers I have provided have not been “What I’ve heard from such-and-such” or “Hear-say”, but what I’ve physically seen or heard personally.

But look on the bright side. . .You’re burning through that year of probation just sitting around collecting a check, hotel accommodations, and S&Q every week. “In ANY situation, things could ALWAYS be worse…”

CAUTION: Steering off topic! Someone mentioned MSC used to stay at the Double Tree. Yes, we USED to. lol Unfortunately, mariners, we’re “over mingling” with actual paying guest of the hotel, so that ended the contract with Double Tree. MSC was also not in favor of the transit time from Virginia Beach to the pool.

As soon as i saw this review i knew this was where msc was in fact putting people up. “I travel to Norfolk for buisness and have tried a few hotels, thought I would try the Wyndham and that was a HUGE mistake! First, I had to squeeze past a group of men drinking, cussing and smoking at the entry door from the parking lot just to get in the building. I told the front desk and was told “we have verified they are guest”. REALLY…so if I stay here getting drunk, cussing, smoking and blocking the door for other guest is OK?!!”

Well MSC is their biggest client at that location. The (highest paying) customer is always right.

This is why MSC should get a berthing barge and tie it up on base next to the HSC squads. Everyone could walk across the street to get to the pool. A bus could run people to the NEX for meals. It would be far cheaper then the waste, fraud and abuse they run now. The same could be done at the SD pool.

That would be a great idea but it would discourage people from hiring. If they know they might get a few weeks sitting in a hotel some will see it as a gravy train.

Of course it wouldn’t effect locals, but I doubt the locals get anything extra while the out of towners get room and per diem.

They have too many bodies anyway. It doesn’t matter much to me whether I’m living on a ship, a hotel, or a converted barge/berthing. As long as I’m getting paid. I’m sure MSC gets great hotel rates since they guarantee steady occupancy though.

I think it’s $82/day/mariner or close to it.

Im sure this is like asking why is the sky blue…but if there is no demand for newly minted 3rd mates, then why do they keep bringing them on? Does that mean they’ll trim the fat later? BTW, thanks to all for the updated info.

Usually people quit after three years once msc has to pay their portion of the FERS the 401k type plan or 5 years once you start to get a pension at 62, but with the bad employment prospects people didn’t leave. Soon as the oil fields get going again it will level itself out. If you go back a few years on here you will see people complaining that they are short all rates. I don’t see MSC axing people but i do foresee them not hiring as much in the future. If you havent done commercial yet i recommend you do it with MSC instead of a union ship because of the points which other guys can explain better than me.

Any idea if the 2nd Mates are waiting that long?

Not much of a wait for 2/O in the pool.

Per 07JUN deck community update. (Some overdues reflect a delay caused by port schedules or a failure to update the list before publication.)

5 masters overdue. 1 has relief assigned. Mean overdue 6 days. Latest overdue 38 days. Second latest 17 days.

5 chief mates overdue. 4 have reliefs assigned. Mean overdue 12 days. Latest overdue 33 days. Second latest 15 days.

5 2/O overdue. 5 have reliefs assigned. Mean overdue 9 days. (4 non-overdue have reliefs assigned early) Latest overdue 19 days. Second latest 18 days.

3 3/O overdue. 3 have reliefs assigned. Mean overdue 2 days. (5 non-overdue have reliefs assigned early) Latest overdue 7 days. Second latest 3 days.

0 boatswains overdue.

6 boatswain mates overdue. 0 have reliefs assigned. Mean overdue 14 days. Latest overdue 26 days. Second latest 25 days.

20 AB overdue. 8 have reliefs assigned. Mean overdue 6.5 days. Latest overdue 19 days. Second latest 13 days.

10 OS overdue. 5 have reliefs. Mean overdue 8 days. Latest overdue 38 days. Second latest 19 days.

(I wish MSC would publish this info on their website. It would clear up so much scuttlebutt.)

[QUOTE=DeckApe;185549]I think it’s $82/day/mariner or close to it.[/QUOTE]
The standard Federal gov’t per diemfor Norfolk is $89 per day. That’s what most hotels give as the normal “government rate.” It doesn’t sound like a special rate given in return for consistent high volume. Making a lot of rooms available at that rate might be a concession, some limit the number of rooms they will give at the government rate.

Deck Ape. Would you happen to have the Relief/Overdue statistics for engineers too.Thanks