Navy's Newest LCS Little Rock


Looks like it was too cold to wash the generator soot off the topsides…


Well, I wasn’t going to bring it up, but I understand she was on portable shore power for most of her stay in Montreal, which caused its own problems:

All ships come home from deployment with the sea showing plain, and make no mistake, by the time LITTLE ROCK makes it home she’ll have made the most exhaustive LCS deployment to date.


I hope she makes it further down the Coast before suffering another breakdown. IIRC, one of her sisters almost made it to the Chesapeake Bay before breaking down.


That was the Milwaukee that broke down on her delivery trip. So either thats the benchmark for shortest delivery cruise without an engineering failure, or you could count Little Rock ingesting debris on her way from commissioning in Buffalo to the Welland Canal and getting sidelined for several days for repairs…


I just want to confirm, this is not a joke, correct?


It’s nice when you receive more than you ask for, isn’t it??: