Navigation Rules q+a

Does anyone know a way to print out a bunch of Rules of the Road questions and answers for one of our boys without having to sign up for a website and or download extra programs? Thanks.

You dont have to sign up for this website unless you want to. You might have to do one at a time but you could print screen. I haven’t used it since I tested but it helped with rules of the road.

I have USCG databank for all the old questions. I can email you over ROR databank if you want. I imagine if you rock out the old questions scoring over 90%, you will be able to do the same on the new databank. That being said, a study guide like lapware would be advisable before any uscg testing

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

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I would appreciate it! I will P.M. you my email. It’s for our foriegn O/S who needs to take a 50 question rules test to pass the A/B class. Thanks!

This may sound a bit naive but why does an OS or AB need to pass a ROR exam?

The AB needs to pass a 50 question Rules of the Road exam because one of their primary duties is lookout watch.

So they lookout and report to the OOW, don’t need a ROR exam.

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I agree with you. That’s what the Exam requirements are though. When I took AB in 2000 I remember some Rules of the Road questions were on running light recognition and passing arrangements but not a 50 question, 3 phase U.S.C.G. exam. Oh, and the dredge question where you pass through the two sets of reds haha!