Must get 2nd mates

I presently work for John W. stone and oil as 2nd mate aboard the stone Buccaneer. I am looking to get my 2nd mate ticket and am running into problems and have questions. I have a unlimited 3rd mate ticket and was wondering if you guys knew of any ways to get seatime towards an unlimited 2nd mate license? my current schedule is 3 weeks on/off. The pay here is pretty darn good so I wouldn’t want to go wander off just yet. I was thinking of going on an academy cruise to get seatime but this company just doesn’t care for the idea of me missing my hitch. I then thought of a mercy ship but they after researching that on the internet-forget it! In my time off I am willing to work in slave like conditions for seatime!!! Any Ideas? Also I graduated in 01 so I will have to take the exam…

Try to get in touch with C-Mar. They sometimes look for fill in work and may be willing to work something out. It will probably be on a stand by basis. They asked me to send my schedule to them for fill in work on my days off, but I did not respond. The Buccaneer is not unlimited?

Maybe the John W. Brown or Jeremiah O’Brien – WWII liberty ships that occasionally go on short voyages.

When did the CG start requiring unlimited tonnage time to upgrade from 3M to 2M? I have had lots of 3M acadamy grads work on vessels that I was Master on when I worked for Rigdon Marine upgrade to 2M the the seatime on those vessels… Did something change?

The Buccaneer, such a sweet little blue tanker. I enjoy watching you wedge that boat in that tight corner in Fourchon. Nice trick.

What kind of ABs do you use?

The Stone Buccaneer is only 1576 GT and the “old” Rigdon vessels are 1703-1708 GT. Per 46 CFR 11.402, “…Over 1600 GT…”

Hope this helps out.

[quote=Capt Brian;20666]The Stone Buccaneer is only 1576 GT and the “old” Rigdon vessels are 1703-1708 GT. Per 46 CFR 11.402, “…Over 1600 GT…”

Hope this helps out.[/quote]

Okay, that splains it I guess…I didn’t know they went by ITC tonnage for tng. requirements…

Thanx for the ideas guys!

the ABs on here need a pic.

The Stone Buccaneer was supposed to be unlimited but a bunch of lobbyists went to washington and lobbied for it to stay under 1600 ton.

The one thing I enjoy about it is the ship handleing but it seems nowadays no company respects it as they want people with a dp cert. Can’t blame them I guess…

hah, how is clint workin out on the stone buc? kick his a$$!!!

Ha! He is working out very well! I consider him a good luck charm as good things have happened since he has come aboard. He is quite the Fisherman thats for sure! The Beatings will continue…

Stone B is a cool tanker man, I saw you guys over at CR Luigs, I’m the mate on Amber with Chouest. Is that single screw? bow thruster?

twin screw…thats it. pretty old fashioned.

Is that the Clint who used to work for Hornbeck / Tidebeck / Tidewater? If it is, I have his Xtra-tuff boots.