Multiple tug and barge positions available asap

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Are you union or non-union? I think I know the answer.

Non union!

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What’s the pay?

How do i shoot you a DM on here ?

Why not be straightforward and tell us the day rates, benefits, etc.?


Click on his name, then click on Message.

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We do offer benefits! Medical, Dental, Vision + 401k.

Day Rates:
AB Deckhand - $300
Asst. Engineer - $500 - 550
Mate - $600 - 650
Tankerman $425 - 575

Plus and additional $55 per day for travel!
Rotations are typically 21 on 21 off, or 28 on 28 off

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What states?

Ocean or inland?

Why not a link to the company website?

Or are you a headhunter?

Notice benefits are not mentioned,why?

How about just name the company instead of cloak and dagger.

Rose cay maritime.

It’s a one page website with little to no info. Smells fishy. But who am I to judge?

Sketchy for now,. please prove to me and the others on this site wrong.

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Its mostly bouchard stuff - they are just a group of investors with no maritime experience. IMHO when (if) it shows its not a good investment they are gonna dump all the equipment and personnel for the next venture.

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My research tells me the same.They are vultures hoping to sell a few scraps. Man the boats, get some short term contracts which are not binding then sell out to the next fool.

He said: Medical, Dental, 401k

$55 a day travel allowance. (Which seems good).

I think he gave enough information for mariners to know if it’s worth inquiring further.


Rose Cay is who bought half of Bouchard Fleet.

I’m sorry but if you’re not going to just pay for travel I’ve got no time for you.


In principle I agree, all companies should just pay the full cost of travel.

Topic closed per OP request. They intend to post via GCaptain jobs service.