Msc training information

Looking to join MSC as an AB, but am wondering how the training works. I have all the sea time to make 3rd mate, But still need to take all the classes to test. I would like to sail with MSC and get my training paid for if possible. Any information on whether MSC is still paying for classes to progress your carreer? Or has that been phased out because people jump ship once they get all the classes paid for. Looking information on this topic.

Thnak you for all the information

The answer to your question about going AB to mate is tucked away on an MSC webpage:

Basically, you eat all the costs up front (including housing, food, leave) and when you get your license you get reimbursed for the cost of classes and up to $500 for books. If you quit within three years you’ll owe Uncle Sam some portion of that money back.

You may be able to talk yourself into a few common classes like advanced firefighting on MSC’s dime.