MSC proposed CIVMAR crewing model


Here’s a typical cycle:

Week 1- Returning from leave you show up to the pool. Sign in. Wait a day or two to get called. Show your credentials. Get sent to medical. Wait a day or two. “Your two year ordnance handling physical has expired. Your appointment at the clinic is next Tuesday. You need your flu shot and your annual hearing test. Go to the other clinic tomorrow.” You figure you’ll sign up for your annual small arms training now and get a jump on things. “You’re not fit for duty. You can’t arrange for training.”

Week 2 - You go to the clinic for your physical. Results in three to five days. Still not fit for duty. You wait. At the end of the week you’re fit for duty! You contact training and remind them you need small arms renewal and fall protection training.

Week 3 - You wait. Some time in the middle of the week training tells you you’re scheduled for small arms two weeks from now. Fall pro the week after.

Week 4 - You wait.

Week 5 - You wait.

Week 6 - You go to small arms training.

Week 7 - You go to fall protection training. All done with training! Fit for duty! Give me a ship!

Week 8 - You’re assigned a ship. She will be in port next week. You wait.

Week 9 - Fly out to a ship. Begin your 120 day assignment.

120 days later - You’re overdue. Where’s my relief? No relief.

A month later - You’re still overdue. No relief. WTF?!

Another month later - Your relief shows up! You get home eight months after leaving home for your four month assignment.

You begin your 30 days of paid/unpaid leave (unlicensed) or 60 days of paid/unpaid leave (deck or engine licensed).

Restart the process…



The shortest time I’ve waited after being found fit for duty…30 days. Longest, two full months. Of waiting…and waiting…and…

Meanwhile, back on USNS “Name of Ship Here”, there is an (X) number of overdue mariners…waiting…and waiting…and…

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I was recently in the pool for 3 days… YMMV as you for sure know by now.