MSC Fleet Ocean Towing Vessels

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I’m posting in here to ask if anyone may have any information pertaining to working at MSC on their ocean towing vessels. I currently hold a 3/M unlimited with TOAR & PIC (DL); I am looking for any information on pay, schedule, advancement, etc… I understand not to look at MSC as the pinnacle of crew changes. I enjoy my current job sailing 3rd on an ATB in pretty remote areas, however the opportunity to take more classes and put more endorsements on my license as well as the unlimited tonnage sea time seems attractive. Any and all assistance/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Currently MSC is only operating 1 ATF (Ocean Going Tug) and 2 ARS (Salvage, Towing, Dive) but they are building 8-10 new DP2, unlimited tonnage ATS. The program is way behind schedule, and they definitely do not have the people to man them at the moment. The ARS and ATF platforms are the lowest paying ships at MSC as well as the most difficult to get a relief on. Expect to be 4 months overdue for relief, so about 8 months straight aboard ship. That being said, they can be laid back and really fun. If you are in the US, as a watch standing officer, you can make good money due to Night Differential (watches after 1700 and before 0800 inport are overtime for the first 30 days in port) so about 2/3 of your port watches will be OT. For reference I made 167K gross in 9 months on a ship based on the west coast. Sitting at the dock can be mind numbing, but when the ship is working it is my favorite job at MSC. Good ship handling experience, cool missions, endless fishing on 3 week long tows.

Edit: As far as advancement, the sky is the limit right now, and they’re offering new 3m a 34k signing bonus. MSC is what you make it, you have to be persistent and knowledgeable of the system to get what you want. I notice a lot of people are afraid to ask for what they want. Or they have their head in the sand not looking for information and options that MSC offers. As long as you are polite, and not overly pushy, you’ll go as far as you can handle.

My math says … 618 a day? Not bad for 3rd mate unlimited, pretty decent for a Tug mate. If you’re not third mate, RIP. 270 day hitch does sound terrible though, even if you are living it up in Subic or Pearl harbor between missions.

The way MSC handles almost everything makes me think the DP operations are going to be a very expensive, barely passable operation with no one to run the equipment.

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Yes that was as 3/m. I grew up in and live in San Diego. I was sleeping in my own bed every day in port. There’s a couple good situations at MSC.

I fully agree with your thoughts on the DP program. But I’m sure once the gulf crashes again, they’ll be full up like 2016.