Msc background check/security clearance

This may be a long shot because it doesn’t seem anyone posts up here frequently anymore but I could use some advice. Back in 2020 I received a chapter 11 from the army with a reenlistment code of 3. it was for my mental health. I got depressed during AIT and was ready to go home, I was only 17 at the time so I had a lot of growing to do. anyway, I’m trying to join MSC now. I already have most of my credentials but I’m worried about passing the lengthy background check to be accepted in. I already had my therapist write a letter for me being that she’s been seeing me consistently and I haven’t been on medication in over 3 years. I also have never been admitted to a psych ward either. I’m just worried they won’t accept it but im definitely going to disclose it.

Don’t worry :+1:

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