Most useful foreign language in the shipping industry?

Flag Factory??

It was related that you either worked at the flag factory, the clothespin factory or… On the water. Not a whole lot to do there for a living!

[QUOTE=Orniphobe;62535]I wish I knew Visual Basic for Applications.[/QUOTE]

It’s not that useful working on the boats, trust me.

I sorta took that to mean an ‘instead of’. Not complimentary :slight_smile:

English is the chosen International language. Learn it, live it love it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Guinea Neck is definitely not part of Matthews. Its in York County, but might as well be its own county. Anyone from Matthews would be quick to correct you on that one. Guineaman are a special breed, claimed by no other group but themselves, I assure you that.

I would like to learn Tugboat language.

Would that be the NYC dialect, the coonass dialect, the pacific dialect, or the Chesapeake and Delaware dialect??

Don’t forget us North Carolinians!

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Oh yes, we can’t forget Wanchese, NC!

I have just graduated with a languages degree (Spanish, Italian & French) and I have started learning Mandarin Chinese…
I am trying to think of a career path and have considered getting into the shipping industry as there are a few companies in my area (Liverpool).

Could anyone reccommend the type of jobs linguists could do for a shipping line? I’d be really interested in your feedback.