More piracy

Anti-pirate solution.

  1. Allow firearms (provided crew have been properly trained) or armed security.
  2. When caught, all but two of the pirates are shot. The remaining two are forced to throw the bodies over the side. When done, one of the remaining two is shot, and the other is forced to throw the body over the side. The sole survivor is dumped off on shore to spread the word as to what happens to pirates.

Problem solved!!

Maybe not the way the majority around the world sees a solution, but then again…,

Here google translation from a Sysla Newsletter article today:

I can see it now. The morbidly obese oiler, sitting on a bucket. Rifle leaned precariously against the railing, while he reaches for the magazine he dropped. He stretches, unable to move his fat ass from the bucket. He sits back up with a grunt and wipes the sweat from his face.

With a spasmodic jerking of his legs the oiler begins to inch his bucket closer. Having judged the distance, he leans in again, his fat fingers wrapping around the magazine. He holds it above his head as though it is a trophy for his efforts.

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He was the one improperly trained, and armed by the master. (Two links in the error chain)