MMC's that carry over to other industries?

Would you be interested in a MMC that, in addition to being your rated credential, actually carried some weight and value and was highly recognized in other industries? If so, what would that type of credential look like to you, what would you want it to include?

I’m not an engineer. But there should be a better path for Engineers to get their state PE License. NYC at least has good pathways for engineers with steam experience to get a shoreside steam operating engineer license, which is pretty valuable.


OK great, that is a good point. What if the license was also a recognized as a consultant certification?

Consultants don’t need certification. And to consult in what? A potential employer of a consultant would evaluate the totality of the consultant’s experience and certifications and based on their needs make their decision from that. Management consultant, engineering consultant, environmental consultant, security consultant, safety consultant… An appropriate MMC holder might be able to fit into one of those roles, but their MMC would only be one of a number of certifications, education, and experience that would go towards proving their expertise.

Edit: I say this as someone who’s hired various types of consultants for projects I’ve worked on.

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What’s your big idea? You must have something in mind. A license or credential in one industry carries, in other industries, the weight it warrants. Changing the MMC doesn’t make any sense. Are you proposing to change people’s perception of the MMC outside the maritime industry?

Would this work in reverse? As in someone from a different industry with this cert could work on board?

I just think mariners think differently and are better leaders than 99% of other leaders out there and should be recognized outside of the industry, much like a PMP cert being recognized cross industry.

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I’m just brainstorming at the moment. But you are on the right track.