MM&P Class D Membership?

Does anyone have details on MM&P Union’s new Class D Membership??

Here’s all the information I could find:

On Nov. 1, 23 of the 25 new Offshore Membership Group Licensed Shipping
Rules will become effective. Two approved ballot items, D-class
membership and the 15-day rule, will be implemented at a later date.
D-Class membership will take effect six months after the start of the
“familiarization courses” that are a prerequisite for joining this
membership class. Letters requesting implementation of the 15-day rule
for foreign voyages are being sent to all applicable employers. A
memorandum detailing the member-approved changes to the shipping rules
is being circulated to the halls by MM&P International
Secretary-Treasurer Glen Banks. Any questions on the shipping rules
changes should be directed to the MM&P Vice Presidents.