Military Personnel Tracked By Beer App (Seriously)

Untapped Beer App Tracks Military Personnel

It this was an op instead of an accident, it was a brilliant one.



My friends wanted me to join this app about 5 years ago. I had to ask them if it was truly necessary so they could remember all the beers they have drank or if they simply wanted a metric for their craft beer alcoholism. I declined.

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Who cares? These people being tracked are neither important nor interesting.

There’s a travel app that my Army (discharged) buddy suggested to me. It takes the metadata off your photos and makes a travel compilation of your vacations. Or in his case it looked like his deployments, trainings and assignments. I’ve seen others like it. Had to pass.

I’ve always suspected many of them to be Trojan Horses for people tracking. This one does beers, that one does vacations, another gets plant and flower people and so on. Basically make different photo metadata scraping apps for different kinds of activities to draw in all kinds of people.

The app and its designer might be totally innocent. However the data on their servers could (and I suspect it will) tempt others to steal and use.

Gathering up enough uninteresting data about unimportant people might yield some interesting data about important people.

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I’ve been saying for the last ten years that eventually they will have the technology to monitor our brains and thoughts. Then when the technology comes to embed micro cell phones in our heads that computers & cells of any form will be obsolete and we’ll just have little antennas atop our heads like ants.

They ??? will assimilate us…resistance is futile. (whoever “they” are) In the meanwhile our Neo-Feudal system will sheppard us toward the Liberal or Conservative kingdoms.

No, they will only assimilate you, Joe.

Not as individuals, but very interesting in the aggregate. And an analyst would just look at the app, he or she (the best ones in my experience have been women) would look at that data in the context of message intercepts, overhead coverage, social media chatter, and agent reports. From that they would build an amazingly accurate mosaic of strength of forces, operational status, and deployment plans.

Remember the Pentagon pizzas. Opsec is a bitch.




A few years ago, it was a jogging app revealing locations where troops were working out.