Messed up my Medical certificate application

Basically, the lady who administered the physical forgot to check the yes box on an item on the form i brought to her to fill out.
What exactly should i do? Get on the phone with the NMC, or should i wait for the NMC to call me to tell me about my issue? Or should i just see if i can cancel my application and get a new physical done?
Thanks for the help!

Just get the doctor or PA to check the box, initial and date it, perhaps write a brief note on clinic stationary, that the box was overlooked before, and it has been corrected.

Email that to the proper NMC medical department email address and inform them what happened, and that you are correcting the error on your application.


Personally I would get my physical corrected by the doctors office and a note explaining what happed from them but I would wait to submit it until the nmc flags the application. It may cause confusion with the nmc if you try to head it off at the pass.

It seems like every time I get a physical done I have to have the doctors office correct something on the form that they missed so I have gotten in the habit of reviewing the form before I leave the doctors office. The NMC has a good checklist with the most common medical form issues that you can you to review it yourself before you submit it