Meet High Sea Support Panama


High Sea Support has been present in Panama since 2000 and is a subsidiary of the Danish Company Hans Buch A/S. Our Danish General Manager Mr. Kim Topp is constantly making sure that our customers receive the best possible service. You are always welcome to contact us.

High Sea Support has a competent and dedicated team of Marine Service Engineers, who are capable of performing service worldwide, but we focus especially on Central America, The Caribbean and South America. Our Marine Service Engineers are experienced in a wide variety of maritime equipment.

Look us up for the following services:
[B]Raytheon Service[/B]
[B]MARIS Service[/B]
[B]T & T Service[/B]
[B]SAM Eletronics Service[/B]
[B]Consilium Service[/B]
[B]Transas Service[/B]
[B]Netwave VDR Service[/B]
[B]Saab Service[/B]
[B]Danelec VDR Service[/B]

Contact us for the following products:
[B]Radio communication[/B]
[B]Satellite Communication[/B]
[B]Gyro Compass[/B]
[B]Steering (Autopilots etc.)[/B]
[B]Voyage Data Recorders[/B]
[B]Raytheon Chart Radar[/B]
[B]Wind Sensors[/B]
[B]Marine Monitors/Displays[/B]
[B]VDR Beacon[/B]
[B]Bridge Systems[/B]
[B]GPS -Compass[/B]
[B]Night Vision[/B]