MEBA joining fees

Has anyone joined MEBA recently? If so what were you asked to pay for? (cards, physical, etc.)

I have all my license paperwork in order so I don’t mean that cost.

Thanks guys.

You’ll be asked to plop down your first quarter dues which is $150. If you live near a diagnostic center then you can get a physical without fee

Not sure why he would need a physical if his medical certificate is up to date. By stating your license paperwork is in order I take that to mean National License, STCW as well as Medical Certificate. The only other thing I can think of would be the drug free certificate as they are only good for 6 months. That’s $50 until you get time in the union. Other than that, it’s what @brjones said.

If in doubt just call one of the halls. They won’t bite and are usually happy to help.

MEBA will require a yearly physical before you can ship out. I also forgot about the drug test. First one you pay for then they are covered once you get medical coverage