Mate AGT Inland to 3M Oceans?

Is there any provision I have missed that allows three upgrading of an inland unlimited license to an oceans unlimited license? All my time over 200 grt is inland but if there is no way to upgrade to oceans without just redoing all the sea time then I will wait until I have sufficient oceans time.

I was debating that too. I have years on over 200 ton vessels. But -0- time over 1600 ton. I qualify for an inland unlimited masters license. But that is pretty much useless. Even if I get an unlimited licence, I still need time on ’ over 1600 ton’ vessels to get the tonnage lifted.

A person who holds an inland master agt qualifies for 2m oceans with a cross over exam. Inland master agt is not useless.

How do you qualify for that? You have pilotage?