Master AGT Exam Results

[QUOTE=“Capt Leigh;90718”]Looks like that one slipped through the cracks, unless you have previously tested for Mate after 2002…
They should have also required the OICNW assessments if you also receive the STCW rating.
Looks like an early Christmas present…[/QUOTE]

No, I already have OICNW. I got my mate 500 grt oceans in 2008.

Congrats cap’n pheniox!!

I’m starting round two in march. ( schools ) and should test around Aug.

[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;90547]I should point out that this is an exam for the Inland only license, not Master AGT Oceans. (The rules is still the international and inland though.)[/QUOTE]

There are inland waters where the int’l rules apply. You can take an exam for inland rules only, and if you do, you get a restriction on your license that it is not vaid where the COLREGs apply. I don’t know what the current NMC “default” is, at rthe RECs it varied from REC to REC based on what the majortiy of applicants in that REC needed. If you didn’t ask for a specific rules teast, inland and int’l may be the default, or perhaps they assumed that’s what you wanted because you also applied for and or already have an oceans or near coastal license.

If you apply for an inland license, look at your “approved to test” letter and make sure the rules module listed is the one you need or want.

Ahhh. My evaluator said I had to test for the inland then she called me back to say she was wrong and I had to do inland and international. I figured it was because I had a current oceans license. The lady at the REC said I could choose to do inland only with a restriction on my license but I was afraid they would restrict my other licenses, and really the test isn’t any harder.

[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;90787]Ahhh. My evaluator said I had to test for the inland then she called me back to say she was wrong and I had to do inland and international…[/QUOTE]

You don’t “have to do” either. It’s your choice which to take, but in order for you to make the best decision, you should be informed of the restriction if YOU decide to take the inland only exam. Whichever you decide for, it only effects the endorsements you are testing for. Any that you already have and are not changed by the new endorsement you are testing for are unchanged. I’d also agree it’s not much harder, when I studied for my own I found that once you learn one set it’s fairly easy to learn where the other set of rules differ, I started by learning the int’l rules first, but it should work as well the other way around.