Master 1600 Oceans to Master Inland AGT

What are the seatime requirements that NMC has typically imposed to go from Master 1600 Oceans to Master Inland AGT?

I just got home to a letter from NMC. They tell me that I must show 360 days sailing as Mate, or 720 days sailing as an AB, while standing bridge watch under supervision of the Master to obtain Master Inland. I have not sailed much as Mate, or at all as AB in the last 30 years.

I pointed out that I have sailed a lot more than 720 days as Master while holding Master 1600, but NMC says that time sailing as Master cannot be substituted for the required time sailing as Mate or AB. This does not make any sense. They cannot be correct. Can they?

What happened to all of our experts who have upgraded from Master 1600 to Master Inland?

Why not just do the reconsideration route? Sounds like you will have to regardless? Id agree with you as the definition of mate (chief) is second in command to master. Case closed master is a higher grade but what do we really know.

Also point out how you can legally sail as mate with a masters license?

I was approved to test for Master Inland.

I pointed out to the evaluator that experience sailing as Master is superior to experience sailing as Mate, and suggested that he seek guidance from higher authority.