Mass admissions

Met with the admissions office and took a tour of mass maritime today and man, the treatment I received there was an absolute 180 from the way I was treated by SUNY. I’m feeling pretty good about this place.

Now go check out Maine.

Wondering if you dealt with a highshcool classmate of mine, last I saw of him he was working in admissions there. Real good guy.

just…the tuition cost too much.

Forget SUNY. It is so disorganized and is going through some significant administrative changes right now. Plus, there is a regimental commander by the name of Hanft who is making cadet life a living hell.

If you can get in state tuition at Mass, you can probably get it at Maine. Take a ride up to Castine before making a commitment. I strongly recommend either MMA.s over SUNY.

I can pull in region tuition if I get in for the spring. Gi bill will cover a good chunk and I’ll be out a grand or two per year. Not too shabby.

Should ur gi bill cover the hole tuition???