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World climate isn’t a local phenomena. Global warming doesn’t mean that there can’t be variations year on year, or between places.

It is predicted and proven that some places will get warmer and some may get colder at times, but the average global temperature is showing a rising trend as observed over long period of time.
In the process some places will get wetter and some drier, storms will get stronger and more frequent and yes, some places may even get colder.

Glaciers grow or subtract by a function of precipitation and temperature, thus may do so because of more snowfall even if the average temperature over the year is higher.
On the Northern hemisphere glaciers are shrinking fast (with the possible exception of the high altitude glaciers in the Himalayas)

Here is an article about the shrinking of the Norwegian glaciers:

I though you weren’t arguing that global warming doesn’t happen, only if it was partially man made? What happened???


Found this typical example of Australian debating technique:


What a cornucopia of warmest memes to laugh about!

No kidding! Did I say it was? “World climate” is irrelevant if any such thing exists. We all exist in local climates. They are the only ones relevant. Such confections as global average temperature are a purely imaginary theoretical exercise.

Before I answer, what’s your definition of “global warming”? I suspect it’s the sneaky IPCC one that’s entirely caused by man. It’s wrong, but let me know.

Then you carry on with stuff like this.

I can predict AND prove some places will get warmer and some may get colder. Anybody can. My toddler grand daughter can. A drunk comatose in the park can. It’s natural. Been happening for a few billion years. So get used to it.

[quote=“ombugge, post:283, topic:47858”]
Glaciers grow or subtract
[/quote] …blah blah blah. I agree, I even said so. So why are all the idiots declaring glaciers are all shrinking and we eeeevil humans are melting them … with our body heat or something?

Then you carry on about Norwegian ones. Who cares? My response above was about the Himalayas in response to one about Himalayas. One article predicted doom, my reference the opposite. Who wins? We could play my link trumps your link for a few weeks and we’d be no further advanced unless you agree that climate changes naturally and that current climates are all within previous natural variations.

To be absolutely clear, I’m arguing climate changes naturally and man’s influence exists as a fact but is trivial. I haven’t changed and won’t change my opinion until the evidence supports it.


On average all glaciers have been shrinking since the ice age and I think it might be because the world is getting warmer


Concur. Technically the earth is still in an ice age, there being permanent ice in considerable abundance.


John Clarke was a very talented New Zealander who took aim at many of Australia’s institutions with amazing humour. His early death was a sad loss.


It is the rate of warming that alarms scientists. The rate at which the planet is warming is alarming by any historic measure.


Well there are a few places in Australia where the temp hasnt changed in 80 years but then again where have we been measuring the temp with the same equipment for 80 years to get some real facts?


What alarms the so-called warmist “climate scientists” most is the alarming lack of warming, not the rate. Their confected models, which as I have noted often above, have never been verified and have consistently predicted far higher rates of warming than anything actually experienced and empirically measured. They seem not to notice, publicly at least, that the litany of predictions of doom and gloom which have already passed their doom dates, never seem to get much of a mention. Their advocates still get reverent treatment despite having been proved wrong after blindingly obvious failures of their “science”.

High rates of warming and cooling have been observed in the geological evidence as well as in ice cores and other proxies. There is nothing abnormal about the rates of temperature change of the last several decades.


What is totally reprehensible is that some stations in Australia eg Rutherglen that have recorded raw figures showing a cooling trend have had their data homogenised by reference to distant stations (despite their own thermometers being perfectly sited and calibrated) by the Bureau of Meteorology to be officially recorded as a (fictional) warming trend.


so the gov shot itself in the foot trying to prove there is global warming when this data says there isnt and people say its not about tax so why is the gov interested?
In the last 20 years OZ has been getting dryer in the south and wetter in the north, cant tax that I guess so of no interest.
Farmers and commodities traders are on the ball with this though.


The government has committed so heavily to demonise coal fired power (whilst exporting billions of tonnes of the stuff) and switching to heavily subsidised unreliables, banning tree clearing for agriculture, shunning new dams for hydro, outlawing nuclear energy (despite again exporting heaps), banning gas drilling in some states (again despite exporting it and not leaving enough for domestic use) and numerous other boondoggles which have essentially upended the economy and driven industry offshore that they simply cannot be found out to be wrong.

They know, of course, that they will eventually be found out but hope they will be comfortably retired by then on their excessively generous pensions and perks and can blame their decisions on the mythical consensus. Politicians of all stripes have caused such havoc at such huge expense (not theirs of course) that there is no turning back.

And then there’s the base political reason; pollies love to be seen to be doing something and it so polishes their egos when they are seen to be doing the greatest of all tasks in saving the world. What possible justification can trump that?

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Do you have any further information and references about your comment that Australia exports billions of tones of coal? I know I could research it myself, but i am being lazy.


I just know. We export huge amounts from the port of Newcastle and from Abbott Point. We are currently debating opening a huge new mine to export to India. I think we are among the top coal exporters in the world and are in additional demand because of our top quality in both thermal and coking coal.

I might have gone over the top if I said we export “billions “. Hundreds of millions perhaps?


USD 67 thousand millions in “mineral fuels including oil” see: