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I think you just got their honorary membership.


I already did, yet you’re still talking.


I’m with Jughead. The concept that the science is settled is crap. I don’t like pollution and the present population of the world is putting pressure on our resources.
The Romans experienced much warmer temperatures in Europe than we have today and there is clear evidence that here in New Zealand the Maori lived in places that over a period of time became too cold for permanent occupation and thereafter they visited only in the warmer months.
If any of the contributors to this forum look out their windows that will probably see evidence of glacial action in the past. Do you ever wonder why the ice melted?
In the past 50 years scientists have forecast an ice age, famine and pestilence that would have seen me off many times over. Al Gore has done alright out of it and it just goes to show that a fool and his money are easily parted.
The distortion of real scientific debate is disgraceful and it will come and bite us in the bum. Are we all looking forward to the $8.00 gallon and the slow down in trade caused by the low sulphur fuel shortage?


I say again ask a commodities broker about the weather, they say for every place where the temp has gone up one has gone down.
To me this is the only group to trust as they dont care if temp is up or down just where is that happening.
They are planning for long term cooling


I see you are on their committee and going for grand poobah.


Are they really? I hadn’t heard but there’s a few in the climate world predicting that.

I suppose there are lots of actions to plan. Find somewhere warm, democratic, politically stable and relatively enlightened with plenty of its own food and energy to live for a start. I’ll tick that off the list already.


Then we should ask commodities brokers about how to run a ship, because they obviously care about getting stuff moved. then we can get rid of all the Marine professionals.


I have not yet read this and have no opinion about it – it’s being reported as having been paid for by the US Navy. The full paper is accessible here.


Nobody has disputed that there have been climate changes, sea level rises, land subsistence and rising in the passed.

We know that it was colder during the ice ages and warmer in other periods. Svalbard has coal because it was once in the tropics, as was Alaska.

Even in recorded history we know that there was a warm spell around the beginning of the last millenium. The Vikings settled in Greenland because it was warm enough around the coasts to keep cattles and grow grain. When the Northern hemisphere cooled in the middle of the millenium they either moved back to warmer climes in Iceland and Scandinavia, or died out. (Nobody knows for sure)

What is different now is the speed at which the warming and sea level rise is happening, which is believed by a large majority of Scientists and the general population to be because of human activities.


I haven’t read the study fully either. It’s a technical thing probably best understood by those in the business. But again I question some assumptions made in it.

It projects rougher seas washing over the islands and damaging the fresh water lens under them and hence drinking water. Where do rougher seas come from? Unverified climate models. See my comments on those above.

It doesn’t worry so much about sea level rise but mentions a scary possible number, 2 metres by 2100. That’s about 25cm per decade. To get there we’d have to see some evidence of its rate accelerating rapidly already and we don’t. That’s a rate of sea level rise any adult could see and notice. It’s not happening. Anyone noticed the underkeel clearances going up over time, charts being amended to deeper depths worldwide, ports opening to larger ships by virtue of sea level bonus? Didn’t think so.

Finally, back to my basic argument. Even if (as if?) atolls will be uninhabitable by mid century (30 odd years ahead) what’s your plan? Torture the world’s rich people to pay a sin tax in order to appease the climate gods and hope the gods smile on us and lower the seas? I’d check a commodity broker’s assessment of that plan!

Easier, more sensible, cheaper, to adapt. Forget politicians, scientists, alarmists, the UN, panic merchants and just apply your own common sense.

The Chinese found some atolls in the South China Sea and they are growing like Topsy. We complain when atolls shrink and when they grow. We can’t seem to please everyone.


The rates of change today have been observed in the records of both the recent and geological past. They are not new, not unprecedented and not dangerous.

As for the “large majority of Scientists and the general population” I call bull. Have you polled the people of China, India or Africa, most of whom are struggling to survive rather than worry about twiddling the magic CO2 control knob. They have a more pressing concern. Eating.

And “Scientists” (with a capital S no less) I’ve dealt with adequately in many comments and links above.


No. We should ask commodity brokers if they would invest in shipping, knowing as they now do from reading comments here, the types of idiots running them today. Something to be said for autonomous ships?


Slow clap everybody. He figured it out. We are idiots. It all makes sense now


Ok, you’re definitely trolling.


Watch the heads explode!


Interesting how Scott Pruitt says “Americans deserve to assess the legitimacy of the science underpinning EPA decisions that may impact their lives,” while that administration removed climate change information from the EPAs website (meaning that nobody can access that data).


Why would anyone want to access corrupted data? The stuff was taken down because it wasn’t up to the standard that could withstand scrutiny and the standard required by the new administration.
If you really want it you can use wayback methods. I’m sure it’s archived somewhere.


The majority of both Americans and Chinese citizens support the Paris Accord:

Even coal loving Australia reaffirm commitment to the Paris Accord:

And Europe just bypass the Trump Administration:

But of course nothing can sway the Jughead from his preconceived opinion, unless it is proven by Australia and continental USA turning to desert and major coastal cities on all continents are flooded, or people living behind dikes.


People would want to access the data that the EPA uses for this reason "Americans deserve to assess the legitimacy of the science underpinning EPA decisions that may impact their lives,”.

Also, please cite the source that the data was “corrupted” and “could not withstand the scrutiny and the standard required by the new administration” where do they lay out what was incorrect about the data and/or the conclusions being drawn from the data?


I regret to say we have a climate warmist as PM and his ministers do his bidding. He’ll be gone soon we hope, but the opposition parties are worse still. Pressure is building on stupid politicians because they have deliberately skyrocketed the price of electricity (we’ve gone from world’s cheapest to world’s most expensive this century), whilst making it less reliable. Hence we’ve seen a complete state blackout in the most left stupid state of SA which ceremoniously dynamited its perfectly workable coal fired power stations (just to prevent them being restarted) to rely on renewables and the world’s largest (Elon Musk) battery which might run the place for 30 seconds and a heap of imported diesel generators. The good people threw that idiot government out and we shall see if sanity returns. They’ll be paying off the debt for the rest of this century.

And I agree, we export coal by the billions of tons yet vilify burning it here where it’s dirt cheap. After all it’s just dirt, and we have about 400 years supply sitting around just under the surface. Crazy! Japan and China can burn our coal and generate power cheaper than we can when we are sitting on it.

Oh and we have similar supplies of gas, but lefty governments in some states have banned fracking and even conventional extraction. Just as crazy!

And of course lefty greenies have prevented any new dams for hydro and we’ve banned any option on nuclear despite having half the world’s supply of uranium - which we export. Crazier still!

So don’t expect me to defend our policies or pollies. They are worse than yours.

And our emissions are less than that of the world’s ships. So nothing we do can make any difference. If we shut down Australia right now, our emissions would be overtaken by China in a month.

So who cares about the Paris thingy? It means nothing because the majority of the world’s emissions (from USA, China, and India) aren’t constrained by the non-binding gab-fest agreement. People love this stuff because they think it signals their goodness when all it really does is punishes and condemns the poor to continue their short brutish lives unchanged.

Tell me which side you’re on. Support it if you wish to feel good in the eyes of your in-crowd but it actually does damage to the most needy.