Maritime Executive magazine plays t-ball with this one and still strikes out


I thought it was the chewing tabacco thing?


C.captain is not going to believe me on this issue. He needs to hear it directly from an expert. We can let him post the answer.


so its the shortage of ‘slap ya mama’ in the rest of the world then?


you’re gonna be waiting a very long time for that because I am much too busy keeping my meager little business afloat than to be gallivanting all over Seattle conferring with purported maritime legal experts to get their learned opinions regarding a matter which is purely an academic one for me…


Yes. That must be it !
We can now shut down this thread.


That still doesn’t free them from the IRS. Only settling all back taxes, paying a fee and then irrevocably renouncing US citizenship will do that.


Thats exactly what they are doing and apparently can even claim their pensions when due.
Singapore doesnt allow dual citizenship


Keep reaching for the stars.


That’s a pretty fair assessment.


If we gave PR to the Catalans that might trigger the Stavanger agreement between Spain and Norway which would force Norway to annex Ballard in reprisal. We don’t want to open that can of rakfisk!


You got us there. He really is a national treasure.

Though for some strange reason I think today is the day I’m going to DO IT!!!


And before anybody gets some idea about Singapore citizenship being sold for a cheap price, here is what it takes to become a Singapore citizen:

Please notice the following:

2 years of National Service is compulsory for all Singapore citizen, followed by annual call-up duty until age 40.

To become a Permanent Resident (PR) is not as easy as it ones was. Each application is judged on its own merits, but in general it is based on “what can you contribute to the Singapore economy and/or society”.

It is possible to “buy” yourself a head start through the “Global Investor Program”, but I’m not sure if anybody on this Forum would be able to qualify.

Here is a simple explenation of how to obtain Employment Pass, PR or Singapore cuitizenship:

Oh, and you have to prove that you have renounced your previous citizenship and handed back the passport before a Singapore passport will be issued. (No dual Citizenship allowed).


I guess you haven’t been to Ballard for awhile. Ballard has been overrun by hipsters. It’s no longer a Norwegian neighborhood. The few Norwegians left in Ballard are invisible now. The dive waterfront bars have gone upscale. The fishing boats have thinned out. Ballard has gone all to hell.


Sounds like Singapore has the immigration model that the US should copy.


But that would be racist! :slight_smile:


Race and religion are banned from Singapore rules and regulations. (In most cases)
Where do you see any “racism” in the quoted articles?? (Or are you being sarcastic?)


Oh no! Please say it isn’t so!

I used to live aboard my wood tug at Ballard Mill for years and really liked my neighborhood.


Whenever anyone with common sense says that the US should have a merit based immigration system that works, like Canada or Singapore, all the American liberal elites, liberal press, and the welfare pushers scream racism, racism, racism.


Thanks for that education. I should have known it had something to do with US policy.
Maybe you need some “merit based politicians” to start with??


can we jump off this track and get onto one at least going close to the right direction?

if 1200 maritime academy graduates have no industry to join and can’t sail foreign, why are we educating so many…especially those at KP? Time to realign all these schools here in the US with the 2017 industry.

Nobody’s interest (except for the schools themselves) is served by the current situation.