Maritime book recommendations - what classics am I missing

The Black Tanker – January 1, 1941. Howard Pease.

This was the first novel about the sea and life on merchant ships I read a a kid in the 7th grade.
The price of the *Black Tanker * seems a bit off the charts as it and his other books have never been digitized (I assume).

There was also C.S. Forrester’s Hornblower, Guy Gilpatric’s Glenncanon series, and Douglas Reeman’s (aka Alexander Kent) Bolitho series. And now even more period naval novels than ever have sprouted up, but few if any about merchant ships.

The Western Limit of the World by David Masiel is a Conrad like dark tale about a twisted Bosun which takes place on a stolen tanker.

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The Mathews Men - William Geroux

Excellent book about a dying breed. Sailed with or ran into a number of them over the years. Not many Mathews men going to sea anymore.

“The Key” (already mentioned but a booger to edit an edit-sorry)

Away All Boats, book far better than the movie. Good stuff.

Ship Ablaze - O’Donnell