Maritime Academy is free if you do it in 7 years

Of course it’s possible, GI Bill makes almost any college free, especially if you combine that with some scholarships.

That doesn’t make it the best route or a revolutionary new idea. I think that’s why you’re getting so much eye rolling here.

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Domer, why are you such a downer Debby?

Yes but when you read the negative comments they are as anti military as if I set up a recruiting table at a antifa rally.

Not even remotely.


Bullshit. I haven’t seen a single post in this entire discussion pissing on the military. You’re welcome to quote any and all posts that you can dig up. What I have seen is plenty of people pointing out that the military route is not optimal if your main goal is to get a license, even a free license.

How about you read the messages from 14 days ago? And the idiot that just posted?

You really mean that?


Go troll someone else’s thread this is off topic and offensive.

This thread seems to have lost the plot. Anyone wants to continue this discussion start a new thread and link back to this one.