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Yes, but every Captain on the TSP tankers makes that, not just the highest paid or most senior.

That pay is 365 days per year and you go home every night and on weekends.


And yet you still pay them less than the unlimited tonnage ships.

Hopefully CTI doesn’t block this forum onboard so that your employees can see the case made here (by their own office personnel) that they are some combination of overworked and/or underpaid. Perhaps that realization will motivate some of them to upgrade their credentials and seek other opportunities.


CTI is a combination of former Alaskan fishermen and people that haven’t worked anywhere else.

Overworked and underpaid depends on what you consider work. Much of the bullshit I see the oil patch guys and unlimited guys complain about is not present at CTI. Bullshit is a form of work. There’s a strong safety focus but it’s actual safety not bullshit corporate safety. Cargo is tough but it’s straightforward. The crews are top notch and there’s enough company culture remaining that they stay that way.

The people at CTI don’t need to read this forum to know they could make more elsewhere. ‘You couldn’t pay me enough to put up with that shit’ applies.

Freighterman is kind of a sperg but he’s right about his people. They are damn good.


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Well the only reason unlimited masters get paid more is because the licensing scheme. Supply and demand - it’s harder to get the unlimited masters license not because it’s mentally or physically harder but the path is more difficult do obtain with a limited number of vessel.

There are unlimited masters with MMP Masters on here but most wouldn’t be able to cut it at CTI. Actually most wouldn’t be able to cut it much of anywhere except deep sea. There’s MMP masters with very little ship handling ability. I mean for maersk containerships on a Northern Europe run the contract requires North Sea pilots to be employed. The Masters just have to get it across the open ocean.

I know this is a trigger master with MMP is basically a secretary and a fall guy for the company if shit goes bad.

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Does anybody on here work fo Uncruise? Their pay is on their website. These are <100 GRT

Captains up to $487
C/M up to $380
2nd Mate $274 (includes guaranteed tip)
O/S $201 (includes guaranteed tip)

Looks like you’ve got to have some decent experience and a whole battery of STCW endorsements.

Isn’t GOM paying quite a bit more than that for equivalent credentials?

100 grt captains w/dp on crewboats, small utility and supply boats are making that, give or take 50 bucks a day.

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Thanks. I don’t have the desire to make that trip anymore, but I cross paths with enough 100 T guys that I usually point them that way to get experience.

There’s MMP masters with very little ship handling ability. I mean for maersk containerships on a Northern Europe run the contract requires North Sea pilots to be employed. The Masters just have to get it across the open ocean.

I feel like comparing the skillsets of CTI guys to union deep sea guys is pretty Apples to Oranges. I think we’re all good at what we’ve been exposed to. Containership guys usually aren’t great small boat handlers (why would they be?) but have other skills. I’m sure CTI guys would feel some stress lancing through Dover Strait traffic at 20 kts in the rain and fog while sitting on a big ol’ slow speed diesel.

Also – the stress definitely doesn’t stop if you pull into Brixham and grab a pilot. I’ve never sailed with Maersk (and am thus not triggered) but I’ve done this route a fair bit and those pilots are a mixed bag – it’s definitely not a free lunch for the Mate on watch or the Master sleeping below. The majority of the trips I did through there were without a North Sea pilot and I was always more stressed when we had one onboard. I’ve had to call the old man multiple times because of some weird sketchy channel pilot calls and they will happily come up and do what they get paid the big $$$ to do in that area, navigate in dense traffic and crappy viz, keep things on time and safe, and be responsible for it all.

Just my thoughts!


I deleted my old comment on the pay of this company and I’m rewriting it as I quickly found out after receiving pay. The pay is actually a 1:2 vacation pay, or 15 vacation days paid for 30 days worked.

Here are the wages for one of the companies on the Great Lakes.

Calculated using 2023 wages and a 8 hour day on 4 & 8 watch standing schedule. It doesn’t include holiday pay, but it’s roughly between +$500-600 a month depending on license.

3rd = ~$555/day – $63.39/hr OT
2nd = ~$595/day --$68.13/hr OT
1st = ~$653/day – $74.93/hr OT
Chief = ~$892/day

The daily benefit base seen on the page for officer pay has to do with the company’s contribution to the AMO DC plan. The unlicensed payscale above is for USW, also called local 5000. SIU seems to pay slightly less per hour I’m told, but they get an actual paid vacation unlike USW.

OT is variable from ship to ship. Some may allow you to get maybe 1-2 a day, one won’t let you get any, another might allow unlimited OT as long there is work to do. There is no consistency on OT as far as I could tell. Either way, the 1:2 vacation ratio at these daily rates makes for a subpar pay.

Freighterman1, the payscale depicted for the ROS LMSR is what I posted and what I make. I know it’s low compared to an active ship. I don’t care. I am 64 and about 2 years from retirement. I never leave the dock. I don’t bust my ass. After 44 years of working virtually every kind of ship out there, I am tired, brother. This is more of a lifestyle type of job.
If we were to get activated and go FOS, I am going to make 4 hours OT per day during the week and 12 hours OT on weekend holidays on top of the base pay. Plus, my vacation rate jumps to 26?/30. At that point it’s a high paying job.

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Worked for them. Found out their advertised day rates are weighted averages of much you should expect to make including tips. As an AB & Zodiac captain I made $150/day plus tips, of which they guarantee $700/week. The pay is not why people work for UnCruise. But hey, I got to see Belize, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico, and to do it with some really good people. I’m not complaining. But I’m also not working there anymore. It was good for a season or two.

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