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I think the negotiators on both sides of the table benefit.

Union can trumpet the “all in” number to their members.

Labor Relations types tell their bosses “We held the line here, here and here.”

BUT - they really aren’t that convoluted if you are able to get an updated copy of a contract (not an MOU!) and spend ten minutes looking at it and scratching out some basic math.

MEBADeckie did a nice job above.

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People actually doing the work and the negotiations are going to have a much more granular view of this than an outside observer.

With non-union compensation it’s likely to be more in line with the company’s priorities rather then the result of a negotiation between two parties.


This is right from the Polar Tankers website. I know they struggle to keep third mates and now I can see why. Benefits are a big for the younger generation. No paid training for junior officers, limited room for advancement, and better retirement elsewhere.

I tell the younger kids to take the third mate jobs that might by 10-15k less than this if it means if it means you will get the sea time faster and be able to advance to 2nd mate. You will end up making more in the long run than the kid that sat at 3rd mate with polar.

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Usually, the daily rate is paid with a portion of it withheld until you sign off, then it’s paid as vacation benefit. So as a made-up example to make the math easy, if the daily rate was $900, you’d get about $600 per day for the time spent onboard, then the $300 per day balance is paid in lump sum as the vacation benefit.

Is Chouest even time or 2/1? They top pay for OSV?

I think HOS is paying the most in the GOM right now but they’ll be the first to fire everyone at the first signs of a slowdown. ECO close second. No clue about what Harvey or Candies are actually paying rn.

Even time most boats I know but there are plenty of 2/1 boats. Just depends what you want and you can pretty much get it. Nobody is being forced to work a certain schedule really.


Just pinging to see if these TSP tankers require security clearance like ItsJody was asking…hows the pay stack up against say Chevron?

I am fairly certain the answer is, No. The ships enrolled in TSP, like MSP operate commercially. It is not the same thing as government charter or government owned and operated under contract.

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With a year of sea time that 3m/3ae pay goes up about 25k. Training/advancement courses/expenses all paid too.

Highest paid MMP Tanker
C/M= 1,066.64
2M= 756.88
3M= 665.21

TDW paying 3M $825 and pay for DPO training. $850 for 2M/DPO. I believe that’s the top pay for GOM for junior license with paid travel. Senior licenses on par with others.


That would definitely be the top. Only problem is the small # of TDW boats relative to other outfits. How many boats do they have on long term contracts right now?

6 working at least 2 more coming on line that are visible.

That’s incredible pay for 3rd and 2nd mates.

HOS was paying $750/day for 3M (OC) with DPO Unl back in 2014, and the economy was much different at that time.
In todays economy…No, that just about right if not a little low

Man, it would be sweet if all the bayou boat companies got back to that pay scale soon. I’m pretty happy with what I currently receive, but I wasn’t in the industry during the “good ol’ days” of 2014.

Cheap Engineer
Harvey Gulf Int. Marine
869$ a day as Chief on a 300ft OSV
Will Increase by 30$-$40 a day when I pass the Chief Limited Oceans in 2mos
No Idea about the wages of the other slots, always been of the mind that It’s a blessing to be alive & employed, pay always comes around.

That’s a bit on the lower end, but like you said, great to be alive and employed. I’m assuming there are some other benefit perks that add up too.

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Yeah, they have a good match for the 401K, they pay for travel on a graduated scale as distance increases, pay for schooling associated with your job, etc. The fellas on the construction / LNG boats make a bit more.