Mariner Pay 2024 NEW

Most likely because MMP is willing to bid lowest. Maybe they figure they can get some engineers from MEBA to passthrough all the time but those jobs have been sitting for months. SLNC does not pay into the pension / MEBA engineers don’t get pension credit so combined it with the low wages no one wants to touch them.

I saw this comment below in another threat and all I could do was laugh.

@Capt_O If we MEBA Deckies are such an afterthought then why do we have contracts that are higher than you?

A Keystone Tanker 3M is making at least 706 total a day factoring in base wages, vacation wages (27/30), factoring out the pension payment and doing a only 4 hours OT a day. That 706 doesn’t factor any additional OT they get paid for over 40hours a week and doesn’t factor any penalty. They also get full pension credit and an MPB contribution.

…. @Capt_O Seems like MMP members are the after thought lol. 40 vs 84 hour work week come on, you can’t be serious.