Marine fire investigator certification

So I recently had an interview with a major US all lines (auto, residential, commercial, maritime, etc) insurer. While I did not get the current job, they may be interested in me in the future. Partially because of my maritime background. The interviewers said they had recently worked a maritime fire loss in Georgia where an investigator representing another party showed up. He was a “certified maritime fire investigator” or something to that effect. It was “recommended” to me to look into it.

Has anyone heard of it, know anything about it?

As a holder of a Florida All Lines Adjuster license I have not heard of a “Certified Maritime Fire Investigator”. What they may be talking about is certification as a Marine Investigator which covers fire investigation. The organization is The International Association of Marine Investigators. Check out there website for more information at

Rusty, thanks for the info! the site is off line at the moment for maintenance, but I will check it out later. That is probably what they were talking about.

A correction on that web site for the International Association of Marine
Investigators. It is

got it, thanks!