MARAD starts search for next Kings Point Superintendent


dear God! who will they end up with this time to run the school who has yet to learn to tie its own shoes?

MARAD starts search for next Kings Point Superintendent

JUNE 6, 2018 — Fancy your chances as the next Superintendent of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY? The Maritime Administration is seeking a replacement for RADM James Helis, following its announcement last month that he had accepted a position at MARAD headquarters in Washington DC serving as a Special Assistant to the Administrator.

The Senior Executive Service position has now been posted on USAJOBS and offers a salary of $126,148 to $189,600 per year.

Traditionally, it also carries with it the rank of Rear Admiral in the U.S. Maritime Service.

The Superintendent reports to the Maritime Administrator: Rear Adm. Mark H. Buzby, USN, Ret., himself a 1979 USMMA graduate

here is the posting on USAJOBS

let us pray that this time they go with someone with maritime or at least “sea service” experience for the job


I know who I would nominate. . . .


The question that keeps rolling around in my head is… who would be the best candidate for the job?


The best man for job is the one who has not even a prayer to be hired!

He’d be maritime to the core, an experienced shipmaster, an opinionated SOB who has a take no prisoners and suffer no fools personality. A heavy smoker and drinker, the man would have a face that looked like it was carved out of granite using nothing more than an 8lb hand sledge, the voice of a box of gravel being shaken and hands better described as bear paws.

Come to think of it…sounds alot like Bull Halsey!


Who is the KP Alumni lobby rooting for?


I nominate @c.captain

Serious as a heart attack.


I don’t keep tabs on what the the lobby wants but I would prefer some one like:

They got other positions there that can run the pseudo-military aspects of the regiment. Why does it have to to be an Admiral?

This does not represent the opinion of management or possibly even myself until he passes a thorough Jared-from-subway and #metoo screening. But you get the idea. An executive yes, but not just any spreadsheet/lawyer/accountant type.


and I nominate Capt. Katie Hanft, USN…the “cha cha” queen of the Atlantic fleet!

Serious as a bad case of Athlete’s foot!


Lol… I can’t see Rich wearing the choker whites but I got 4-5 days stuck aboard a 36’ sailboat in the Atlantic ocean with him later this month and I’ll be sure to suggest the idea.


That’s what I’m getting at. Why does the Superintendent need to be “that guy” wearing whites etc. Let the Commandant run that silly show of the regimental aspects of the training.

Let the Superintendant concentrate on the big picture. Bring back GMATS, graduate education open to all who apply. Make it the model maritime graduate school. How about the old CAORF simulator concept. Since it’s tax payer money why shouldn’t that facility be built back to state of the art, used to train graduates and available to industry and individuals at reasonable rates?

Back in the day there was actually an R&D Center there too. MARAD used to fund R&D for shipyard production projects, ship operations, machinery design, etc. co-locating the project management for some of that under a competent leader like Mr. Du Moulin might start to rebuild the fundamental infrastructure of a maritime industry in what everyone likes to say is a maritime nation. Time to prove it.


Careful out there, don’t hit the floating dry dock parts!


can we please stop calling people cows??


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