Man overboard off the Dutch island Texel

The man who fell overboard near the coast of the Dutch island of Texel on Monday August 16 from the cruise ship Europa, turns out to be the 81-year-old German multimillionaire and former politician Kai Wünsche. The Hamburg former entrepreneur was the former owner of the luxury German fashion brand ‘Joop!’.

Hamburg reacted with shock to the disappearance of Wünsche, who was making a two-week North Sea cruise with his husband Rainer Thomson aboard the Europa. It is certain that the 81-year-old Hamburger is no longer alive.

The day of his disappearance, the rescue services stopped searching for the German around 6 p.m. because his chances of survival had fallen to zero. According to a spokesman for the Coast Guard, it was difficult to search for the drowning person due to the heavy seas with waves of up to five meters and the operation was also ‘very heavy’ for the crew of the lifeboats.

Wünsche’s body found washed up on a beach on Terschelling Island.