Maine Maritime Admission


Get into the school! Take some remedial math classes. Never fear failing. Fear not trying!!


For me, any kind of math was really bad… like getting a migraine from thinking too hard bad. I don’t think there is anyone on earth as bad as I am with math.

Give me a simple calculation to work on, my answer will likely be “directions unclear: dick stuck in desk fan.”

But… I managed to do well after graduation. Ho hum.


If you are determined to get a head start and earn your credits quickly, try Jason Gibson DVD courses. When my kids were growing up, I purchased every one of his DVDs on Math, Physics and Chemistry. There would be plenty of material available on YouTube, Lynda and Great Courses. But with Jason Gibson’s DVDs you would have an incremental learning experience that is simply incomparable! You can purchase one DVD set, and see if you like his style of teaching.

Wish you the very best in your career!


I’m currently a freshman at MMA. You have 3 options for math your freshman year and first semester. You can a) go into pre-calc, b) go into Technical Calculus (typically only deckies), or c) go into Calculus. If you’re currently taking Pre-Calc expect to take it again freshman year and same goes for Calculus unless you have a high AP score on the Calculus Test. Hope this helps.