M.O.B. sensor and sender

I am interested in obtaining equipment for our non-profit youth training association. We operate an ex-Naval Yard Patrol vessel out of the Chicago area and usually sail with a full crew on the Great Lakes for our summer sessions. We are run by a professional, licensed crew and typically have 14-15 high school age young adults with us. Since our foremost concern is safety I am interested in obtaining info or first hand knowledge of any M.O.B. sensors that send an alarm directly to an AIS display. Our AIS is part of a multi-function display which is always in view of the bridge watch. This would be a preferable way of finding out that someone has fallen over the side rather than a shift change of watch noticing that someone is missing. I believe that time is of the essence and would like to launch at that point my own SAR effort in addition to notifying USCG personnel which may be up to 3-4 hours away. Can anyone tell me if there is such a system on the market? I read where a company is planning on one but is still awaiting FCC approval. Thanks. Tony Jurincie

Don’t know about AIS but I have experience with PLBs. Google that and see if it helps.