Looking to hire captain for trip to Egypt

Hello, I know this may seem off topic but I feel called to reach out on here.

Recently my life has changed and I’ve become Christian. I had a dream and I heard gods voice recently. He told me to go to Egypt and preach his word for 4 years. He told me I had to take a boat. I could not fly yet.

I am trying to find a boat to Egypt but can not. It’s very understandable due to covid restrictions. I am starting to think of hiring a captain with a boat to go. If you, or you know anyone, who would be willing to take me and my dog there I would be relieved. I have searched tirelessly through what feels like hundreds of dead ends.

I’ve already got my visa. I’m getting vaccinated today. My dog gets vaccinated and her papers within a week. I’m ready to go. I can leave from ANY port in the US.

I go to serve Jesus Christ and fulfill what I heard in my dream. Any pointers? Help? So lost here. Thank you.

Contact me

six one four seven five three six seven eight five.

My name is Tiffany. ANY direction I would appreciate. Thank you and God bless.

I’m not sure how much traction you’ll get here. You can try for one of several boats doing an Atlantic crossing over here.


Or you can check Sail.net Destinations. You might even find a liked minded person to take you for free on that forum. Be careful & God Bless.

I would advise you to reach out to both a mental health professional and a pastor with experience proselytizing in Egypt. Egypt is not a particularly safe place for a single woman. A good pastor can connect you with people who have experience in the area.

Good luck.


This is just a bad idea all around.


Isn’t there a traffic jam of some kind going on there right now?


There has certainly go to be a better way to serve. I have been to Egypt many,many times. While I suppose there is a Christian contingent somewhere it is not apparent. Most women wear burkhas and those that don’t do so at their own peril. Check out Catholic Relief Services (CRS) or Mercy Ships, they are Christian based organizations that have been impactful for decades all over the globe. If you know you gotta serve than don’t do this Egyptian call you heard. It is a great risk with for very little impact- serve where you can make a difference and be able to write home about it. LIke Bob Dylan said, “You Got To Serve Somebody.”


Egypt is a predominantly Muslim state with a Coptic Christian minority that finds itself the target of persecution at times. Unless you have contacts there who can serve as guide and fixer, you are wading into an extremely dangerous situation and I would advise against it. You should seek out legitimate missionary organizations if you want to travel and proselytize. You can begin that search by talking to your local pastor.


@Tiffegypt What Hardtolee said makes so much more sense than what I originally said about a free sail boat ride. MercyShip is an outstanding organization that has given relief to tens of thousands while spreading the Christian message. God told Abraham that he was going to have a son but Abraham was impatient & we all know how that worked out. Check out Mercy Ship first & be patient like God wanted Abraham to be. Bouncing your ideas off a clergy member or an experienced person who has spread the gospel in Egypt isn’t a bad idea either.

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How is it that legitimate maritime questions posed here get laughed off the internet, but this crazy gets well thought out, caring answers?


Most of the legitimate maritime questions aren’t going to get someone raped.


If a “missionary” gets raped isn’t it “God’s will”?

Under his eye.

No, and maybe you should take a look at yourself


Or beheaded for being a non believer.

Or thrown off a building (in absence of a nearby cliff according to the Qaran) if they’re LGBTQ, then beaten and finally lit on fire if they survive all that.

So edgy I cut myself reading that.


When an AB asks what’s his MOB duties you point to the station bill. When someone ask how many sea days he needs for a 500t NC you provide a link to the CFR. When a lady asks how she & her dog gets to Egypt to follow up on a dream she had there’s some actual explaining involved, no copy & paste answer for that.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much. I looked on here and it’s been helpful but still not luck yet. God bless you.

I reached out to them and am hopeful. Thank you!

I’ve connected with a Coptic church in my local area that has a church in Cairo and I’ve heard they will help me. I’m not worried about persecution. It’s a part of being on a mission.

As for mental health, all my family approves. My doctor and pharmacist friend all support my calling to preach his word in another country.

It’s not a mental health issue, it’s a logistics issue :joy:

Thank you. God bless.

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I have to follow my heart and his voice. I’m going to do my best to make it happen. I’m just not sure how to do it, but I am faithful something will come up. Thank you.