Looking for any advice

My wife’s job is moving us to Bahrain in January. I’ve worked on the water here in the US for 15 yrs. I hold a 200t mate lisc currently. I don’t necessarily have to work over there but I’d like to. Also, I don’t mind putting in the time and working my way up the hawsepipe. Can anybody give me any input on where to start looking or what kind of hoops I can expect to jump thru to work over there? Any advice is appreciated… Thanks

I’d say getting a Panamanian endorsement/lic may be a good first step. Most of the outfits there are crewed by Pakistanis/Bangladeshis and you may not be “liked”, if you know what I mean. Not to mention the low salary. Try corresponding with these guys and see what replies you get: http://www.alwardimarine.com/ Another place to try: http://www.ajsco.com/index.asp

Good Luck!