Look like a hero to your company AND pocket $1000!

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“I accidentally listed my cell phone number on our premium ad, please change it immediately, my phone has been ringing off the hook” -HR Manager, Spill Response Company

“Our US office called and asked why so many people have been contacting them in the last few days. I told them we just started advertising on gCaptain!” -Global HR Lead - A Top Workboat Company

These are just a few of the emails gCaptain has received in the past few weeks from employers that have posted listings to the Maritime Jobs Section.

So from today until the end of June, tell your company’s HR manager about our [I][B]Premium Job Packages[/B][/I]. If they mention your username we will give them $100 off the price of our Gold Package and mail YOU a check for $1000*.

It’s that simple. If your company starts listing on gCaptain, you get a check.

<small>*$50 dollar discount for your company and a check to you for $500 if they sign up for a Silver Package. Some restrictions apply. For more details call Mike Schuler at +1.805.456.8644 or email him: mike (at) gcaptain.com</small>