Long island maritime companies

Does anyone know of any openings in long island for a schylur grad with a masters in transportation managment?
I am a recent grad who has sailed non union as a third for patriot maritime before the project was terminated. Now I am just looking for a stanle pay check to support my family in a tough economy. I have tried mcquilling and sea lift but have no established much contact with either. I wish you all the best and hope your doing better than I. Best regards

The only places I know of on LI are Bouchard in Huntington and Liberty Maritime in Lake Success. I’m pretty sure all the ferry operations have their offices on the Connecticut side but you can check those too.

If you are willing to make the trek into the city obviously there will be many more options.

Thanks for for your input i am willing to travel to manhattan and i have applied with bouchard. Are there more companies i should be looking at?


[QUOTE=sirius proof there is …;61747]Thanks for for your input i am willing to travel to manhattan and i have applied with bouchard. Are there more companies i should be looking at?[/QUOTE]
What are you looking for? shoreside, deckhand, PIC, dispatcher? Just a paycheck? It’s too hard to pin down what you are looking for from your open query. You have a 3rds? have a TOAR completed? Do you have PIC?

Do you want to stay Non Union? That greatly reduces your options for employment (at least at a living wage) Or do you only want a unlimited job?? That REALLY reduces the opportunities.

Hi cappy,
I have my thirds limited and a secret clerance but no endorsements and less than 6 months on my ticket. As a cadet worked on a tanker but not long enough for my pic. No toar. I was hoping to get involvedin any way at this point just to start in an office. I has one offer from a grenwich firm as a operations manager but the commute was roughly half my starting salary(40k)! I would like to be involved in the chartering side or the operations dept.

Although I can’t vouch for them, IMHO you are honestly a little short on the experience side to become management at this point.

But you should send letters of inquiry to each and every NY harbor tug, salvage, ferry and tanker company. You may get a hit, at least to get a job to get your foot in the door. If you do a search on the employment forum you should find some hits on “New York harbor companies”, New York Harbor Tug Companies, or some other criteria to get you started.

Im sorry but what does imho stand for?

In My Honest Opinion

Head south young man! The gulf is picking up. Sounds like you don’t want to travel but seems like you don’t have a choice

What types of positions are opening in the south? Sailing or shoreside work?

I’m sure both, but seems to be more shipping

How is working for bouchard people have told me it is a tough place. Why?

Have you done a search of these forums for information on Bouchard? The upper right corner ‘advanced search’ enter bouchard and press the magnifying glass. Pretty painless.

Quite a few past and present employees have made probably all the information you would need to make an informed choice about working there available on this forum alone.

It seems like tugboat side is a little tight at moment, but try Vane brothers. They are decent enough, pay isnt great but youll be up in that area.

Get ready to stay on deck too

I know a 3rd that works at Bouchard that had to stay on deck for a year and a half before they put him in the training program.

Most of the new builds in the GOM require the Unlimited license including 3rd. Some are so big the large OSV license will not cover them and I do not think that Congress is going to raise the ceiling on the large OSV license because of pressure from the maritime academies. If the Iranians start stirring the pot in the Persian Gulf, domestic and international drilling will be going through the roof with most of that in Deep Water and Ultra-Deep Water.

Sorry to hear your family is suffering. Good Luck!

Bmcs retired thank you for the input who is hiring for these drilling jobs? Is it nessesarry to have your dpo? Are they union or not? Im gona join AMO this week after I a new physical.