Lloyd’s List – TWIC ‘Identity card is US’ maritime hobgoblin’

I am certain that there are no shortage of TWIC card ‘victims’ out there, so I thought that you would all enjoy this commentary by

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“The TWIC is an obscenely expensive, delusional and nakedly bizarre failure. It wastes billions of unaffordable dollars, and it does not demonstrably increase the security of ports, vessels or people. It should be abolished now.”


Made my day…

Is this a surprise to anyone?

It never was anything other than a way to funnel money to Lockheed and ensure that DHS and TSA had a bigger, stronger, hold on the “sekurity” business.

The Sekurity Korps Kool-Aid stand is open for business and business is great. We all know that what is good for business is good for America, right?

The article could not have come from a more respected voice in the maritime law arena. I love it when people point out that the emperor is actually naked.