Line handler! Looking for job on Bouchard barges.. Tips please

I am currently working at the port of Corpus Christi , Texas .

I really want to get a job on a Bouchard barge … I am a line handler or line runner if you would like to call it that.

We tie up Bouchard barges daily. How can I get a job up there?

I need some advice. I reallllllly want to work on them…

Do a search, lots of info on multiple threads.

PM “sirius proof there is” he can help you out.

You don’t want to work for Bouchard management is so bad ether you get fired or layoff any time the owner is crazy fool.its sad cuz it can be a great company great pay…

It’s worth a try… What are the requirements ? What can I do !!!

Trust me and stay clear of Bouchard.