Is anybody here in Lightering?

What type of lightering?

Deep sea vessel to deep sea vessel?

Deep sea vessel to tug & barge/ATB?

Reverse lightering?

Lightering deep sea

[QUOTE=deckboss-broussard;78724]Lightering deep sea[/QUOTE]


Unfortunately, out of my range of knowledge.

That’s what I’m doin rite now

I jus wanted to see if anybody here or if u knew if they have a certain page here for ppl in Tha Lightering business

Lightering with an ATB?

my ship was lightering in chittagong with wheat…f’ing zoo last i heard 100+ bangladeshies on deck living butchring animals all over the place!

[QUOTE=cmakin;78752]Lightering with an ATB?[/QUOTE]
Intercon has an option for “lightering mode”. The “ladder” in the barge notch is vertically slotted. The helmets on the rams have a padded wedge. The helmets can be rotated 90 deg and can slide up and down in the notch without full retraction. On the 50 inch rams, you can push in 6 ft seas in lightering mode.